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Intelli-Select extracts business complexity out of your processes handling financial securities in order to manage them in an easy & intuitive way

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Our approach
Complex problems are often solved with complex software solutions requiring precision in interaction & programming to get results.

Our solution introduces an intuitive dialogue between the business user and the software within a knowledge module, representing, for example, financial securities with INVEST

COLLAT: Collateral Contract Manager

PREDICT: Credit Event & Default Simulator

INVEST: Portfolio Insight Management

SCRIBE: Filling out contracts & forms

Use cases
  • Clearstream logo

    Clearstream takes the next step in automating collateral management by launching OSCAR, an Intelli-Select application!

    Creating and managing collateral baskets is complex and time-consuming and places a major operational burden on market participants since it requires manually reviewing, comparing, and translating different profiles of multiple triparty agents while keeping up with changing business requirements, market conditions and regulatory requirements.

    OSCAR supports users in defining their own intelligent eligibility criteria whilst simultaneously checking automatically for inconsistencies. This increases flexibility, scalability and speed while maximising operational efficiency.

    Press release

    Our innovation: COLLAT

    Translates the collateral schedule from plain English into structured language aligned to the underlying application data model.

    Thinks to interpret & determine the suitability of a collateral schedule to finance your typical portfolio of assets.

    Verifies if a specific asset can be used as collateral in a transaction.

    Decides what haircut should be applied according to your risk profile.

    Explains the results by showing all steps in its reasoning.

    Oscar distribution graphs
    Oscar equity distribution
  • Are you sure the funds you have invested in will never breach your sustainable investment goals?

    Our fund analyser captures your ESG sustainable investment intentions and checks them against a fund strategy.

    The current investments of a certain fund, might be in line with your convictions. However, the fund manager might change the portfolio in the future, potentially including investments that are not in line with your general investment strategy and/or your sustainable investment goals.

    Fund Analyser will verify your investment strategy against the fund strategy, not just against its current investment portfolio. It will explain in natural language where the gaps and overlaps lie between both, giving you the assurance of full compliance.

    Our innovation: INVEST

    Translates your goals from plain English into structured language aligned to the many ESG reference data models out there.

    Thinks to interpret your investment strategy & determines the suitability of an investment.

    Verifies if a specific financial asset is in breach of your requirements.

    Decides what alternative investments might be considered.

    Explains the results by showing all steps in its reasoning.

    Security requirements checker
  • Onboarding new clients or initiating new partnerships requires filling out forms and contracts: how to maintain consistency

    Client onboarding, account opening, services activation, etc: in many cases these processes require a large set of forms and documents to be filled out, signed & processed; sometimes even across multiple legal entities. Many interdependencies exists between the information in the different forms across different teams at all involved legal entities involved.

    These processes suffer from long lead time often due to inconsistency in the information provided, dependencies between values across the different documents and complexity & misunderstanding by the party required to fill out the forms.

    Our innovation: SCRIBE

    Translates the consistency rules from plain English into structured language aligned to the specific business scenario of a set of forms, and automatically generates the appropriate web forms.

    Thinks together with the user when filling out the web forms enforcing all the rules in the background.

    Verifies if certain documents or fields are required or optional; if default values are available; if workflow and authorisation levels are respected, etc.

    Decides what forms or fields are required at every step, adapting the web forms on the fly.

    Explains for each field why it has to be filled out and what remaining information is required to fill it out correctly.

  • Brining scenario stress testing back into the hands of the business

    Banks are required to regularly perform stress tests whereby market and credit events are simulated on their portfolios. These are executed by Quants and Data Scientists with valid scenarios, but often lacking a business contextual narrative.

    Furthermore, senior management teams have to be part of regular ‘Fire Drills’ whereby real-world scenarios are simulated to test their decision-making strength in times of stress: can they maintain a healthy balance sheet or did they bankrupt the bank? Pre-calculating every possible decision of the team is impossible, so often these scenarios lack diversity or proper information during execution.

    Our innovation: PREDICT

    Translates the definition of regions, markets, asset classes and investment portfolios of financial institutions from plain English into structured language.

    Thinks about the impacts of events and decisions, which can also be provided in plain English, on the balance sheet of the bank and calculates all impacts on the fly.

    Verifies if all necessary liquify and capital requirements are still met at every point in time and reports back to the user.

    Decides what the next possible event could be using predefined conditional probabilities; whilst making asset prices evolve according to standard simulation practices and user settings.

    Explains for each decision what the impact was and can execute What-If scenarios of alternative decision paths, benchmarking the actual decision path and assess its success.


How can Intelli-Select help you?

Our knowledge and approach can solve many problems when dealing with complex domains and datasets: like calculators, decision engines, selection automation and so on. We’re looking forward to your challenge!

Online calculators

Interactive forms containing input values with a high degree of interdependence. The Knowledge Module in the background guarantees consistency of values and adherence to relationships and constraints.

It keeps track of remaining possible values and explains the reason “why?”.

Smart contracts

Structured natural language drives the user interface, allowing for the creation of complex parts of contracts (e.g. financial securities, investment prospectuses, etc).

The Knowledge Module reflects on the sentence and the context, highlighting logical inconsistencies and providing new insights on the fly.

Think-bot engines

Not just a chat-bot, but a think-bot!

The integration of natural language and the confirmation of its understanding of your question, allows for the Knowledge Module to drive the data analysis in the background and reply in natural language.

The intuitively smart think-bot.

Challenge us!

It’s Artificial Intelligence, but of a different kind!

If you struggle with handling knowledge and decision processes in your organisation, then contact us and see how we can help.

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Intelli-Select is a Fintech creating highly innovative business solutions; combining knowledge articulation & knowledge acquisition expertise with IT delivery skills, geared to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence into real-world solutions.

We work with a highly skilled team of domain experts both IT, Business and Data Science resulting in solutions far better than any of its components.

Our knowledge and approach can solve many problems when dealing with complex domains and datasets.

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